Natural gas

Geo Alliance supplies its own natural gas without any intermediaries. The contract is concluded directly between consumer of natural gas and gas producer, which guarantees security of gas supply.


In accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On natural gas market”, supply of natural gas is carried out at prices that are freely established between the supplier and the consumer. Thus, the natural gas price is negotiable and depends on the payment schedule, delivery volumes, and results of the pre-contractual check of the counterparty.

If you are interested in cooperation, please complete the "request form on the gas supply", and then we will contact you.

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Legal framework

Key documents and laws that implement the requirements and provisions of the Law of Ukraine "On natural gas market"

Gas condensate, oil, LPG

Geo-Alliance regularly organizes tenders for the gas condensate, crude oil and LPG of its own production.

Tenders are held in electronic form on the trading platform SmartTender. To participate in the bidding, you need to register on the site Communication with bidders (notice of bidding time, the price changes in the bidding process) is carried out via e-mail provided during registration.
Sales of gas condensate, crude oil and LPG are carried out on the basis of 100% prepayment and self-delivery.

We offer you to fill in the "Participant form" to pass pre-contractual check procedure. "Participant form"

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