GEO ALLIANCE has consistently worked on enhancing the workplace safety and held regular activities to improve its employees’ emergency operation skills.

October 13, 2021

Last Friday, PrJSC NATURAL RESOURCES held an annual special facility-level drill on civil protection of personnel and formation of a facility civil protection unit – volunteer firefighting brigade at the Gas Processing Plant of the Lutsenkivske gas condensate field. During the drill a potential emergency was simulated involving violation of process regime on two tanks and rendering the first premedical aid to a person injured during the emergency, with practicing of preventive actions.

The drill was carried out by the volunteer firefighting brigade (comprising employees of the Lutsenkivske GPP) and Yakhnyky local fire brigade of Emergency Rescue Team 9 of the State Fire Rescue Brigade 5 of the State Fire Rescue Detachment of Myrhorod District Sector. Thanks to the coordinated actions of the participants, the simulated emergency was successfully contained and eliminated.

See the pictures below showing what was happening