We care for the environment and community welfare!

May 3, 2021

GEO ALLIANCE companies always maintain warm, good-neighbourly relations with local communities and take active part in the community upgrading and infrastructure development.


That is why employees of PrJSC NATURAL RESOURCES have gathered for a Toloka (communal voluntary work) to clean up a fly tipping that started to form in a creek near the entry to Yakhnyky in Lokhvytsia community. Not far from the creek, there is a botanical attraction of local significance – a pedunculate oak, about 800 years old. During the Toloka, employees of our company collected and removed two truck loads of waste!

In Savyntsi, a village in Myrhorod district, employees of LLC EASTERN GEOLOGICAL UNION planted about 30 young plants of different tree species near the Company’s office. We hope the trees will take roots, and the picturesque Savyntsi will have another nice and cosy green spot.   

We call upon all to treat our environment responsibly and keep it clean and tidy!


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