There were festive events held with support from GEO ALLIANCE Group in Myrhorod district

August 16, 2021

Thus, a traditional bountiful Saviour festival was conducted in Zelenyi Kut in Velyki Sorochyntsi community with support from LLC EASTERN GEOLOGICAL UNION. As in the previous years, the event was attended not only by residents of Zelenyi Kut but also of the nearby villages – Velyki Sorochyntsi, Savyntsi, Olefirivka, Semerenky and Velykyi Bayrak. There were even guests from Poltava! Adults were entertained by performers from Poltava Regional Philharmonia.  While parents were enjoying the concert, children were having fun with entertainers.  All guests were treated to traditional meals – varenyky (pierogy), poppy seed pies and uzvar (smoked fruit compote).


At the same time, the village of Zhabky in Lokhvytsia urban commune celebrated a double holiday – with the beginning of the Honey Saviour holiday, Zhabky residents celebrate their village day. PrJSC NATURAL RESOURCES contributed to holding festive events both for children and adults. After a drawing competition, children enjoyed candyfloss and had fun on a bouncy slide and trampoline. A song-and-entertainment show by Serhii Lysenko, a famous performer from Chornukhy, came as a pleasant surprise for all the guests.

You can appreciate vivid emotions of the bountiful Saviour event and Zhabky village day by seeing pictures here