GEO ALLIANCE Group traditionally greeted educational institutions of Myrhorod region at the beginning of a new school year

September 19, 2023

Supporting educational institutions is one of the priorities of GEO ALLIANCE Group’s participation in social development of those communities where our companies run their activities because young generation should grow up in a good environment to succeed and make their contribution to the country’s future.  

Яхницька спеціальна школа 1

As requested by the school administrations, PrJSC NATURAL RESOURCES provided Yakhnyky Special School of Poltava Regional Council with laptops for partial upgrading of a computer classroom and Yakhnyky General Secondary School (grades І-ІІІ) with a mixer and other musical equipment and facilities for music lessons and school events.

In the Velyki Sorochyntsi Lyceum named after M.V. Gogol, the focus is not only on the quality of educational process but also on comfortable and interesting rest of pupils. Therefore, LLC EASTERN GEOLOGICAL UNION has helped the Lyceum to diversify children’s activities; this time the Lyceum received an air hockey, constructor kits and chess sets from the Company. In addition, the face of the Lyceum building will be decorated with a big LED sign, and handouts and print materials will be printed on a colour printer thanks to our Company.

We wish all the schoolchildren a successful and safe school year, inspiration in acquiring knowledge, and faithful friends. May peace and long-expected Victory come sooner, so that there are no sounds of alarms but school bells and children’s laughter in the school corridors!